Joe’s Skeleton

This model shows the right side of the skeleton of “Joe” the baby Parasaurolophus. In this depiction, you can see the hind leg, much of the tail, the torso, neck, and part of the head. The original digital model was created using photogrammetry, a technique in which multiple photographs are used to reconstruct a three-dimensional surface. This technology is also used in crime scene reconstruction, engineering, and many other fields.

Having trouble viewing the model? This 3D viewer works best on Firefox, Chrome, and Safari (no Internet Explorer, sorry!). Many of the files are viewable as 3D PDFs (via Adobe Acrobat) for download from the journal article at PeerJ, including a 3D pdf of the skeleton. A table with links to all of the raw data hosted at Figshare (including printable STL files) is available at PeerJ.