Joe’s Reconstructed Skull

This reconstruction shows how the skull of “Joe” the baby Parasaurolophus might have looked when complete. The keratinous beak has been included here; its attachment to the bone is shown by a subtle line around the upper beak. The model was based upon CT scans of the fossil skull, with missing parts filled in from related dinosaurs.

Reconstruction copyright Ville Sinkkonen, used with permission.

Having trouble viewing the model? This 3D viewer works best on Firefox, Chrome, and Safari (no Internet Explorer, sorry!). Many of the files are viewable as 3D PDFs (via Adobe Acrobat) for download from the journal article at PeerJ, including a 3D pdf of the skull. A table with links to all of the raw data hosted at Figshare (including printable STL files) is available at PeerJ.