Joe in the News

“Joe” took the media by storm, with a major press announcement on October 22, 2013. The discovery appeared in print, on the internet, and on television worldwide–the website had over 100,000 visitors in the first 24 hours after the announcement! This page links to just a few of the media stories, blog posts, and television broadcasts.

NBC Los Angeles broadcast
CBS Los Angeles (KCAL) broadcast
CCTV America broadcast

Los Angeles Times
New York Times
Salt Lake Tribune
La Nación [in Spanish]
Folha de Sao Paolo [in Portuguese]

Internet News (syndicated across many news sites)
International Business Times
Slate (video)
T he Weathe Channel (video) [in Norwegian]
Ars Technica
Les Dinosaures [in French]

Magazine (including online versions)
US News & World Report
Popular Science
The Atlantic
Science [subscription required]
Sciences et Avenir [in French]
Le Journal de la Science [in French]

Other (including radio)
Utah Public Radio
Voice of Russia Radio
World Science Festival (video)

Blog Coverage
SV-POW: The world’s most open access dinosaur
National Geographic Phenomena: Laelaps: Getting to Know Joe, an Adorable Little Dinosaur
NBC News Science: How a teenager beat out the pros to find a weird baby dinosaur
PeerJ: Guest Post – Dr. Andrew Farke and his Baby Dinosaur
Figshare: Figshare and an open access dinosaur
Dave Hone at The Guardian: Beautiful baby dinosaur delights paleontologists
Motherboard: This Baby Dinosaur Has a Better Website Than You
Digital Dinosaur: Parasaurolophus [blog post by artist Tyler Keillor]
PeerJ: Guest Post, The Reception to Dino Joe
Eureka! Lab: High school student finds baby dino
Discoverific: Dinosaur Joe and the Raymond Alf Museum