Sponsors of “Joe”

Collecting, cleaning, and studying a dinosaur takes many resources. We are grateful to our sponsors, who have supported Joe’s journey into the present day. These include:

  • Gretchen Augustyn and family (“Joe” is named in honor of Joe Augustyn)
  • Larry and Alicia Ashton
  • Tom and Susanna Terris
  • David B. Jones Foundation
  • Mary Stuart Rogers Foundation
  • Les and Barbara Perry Fund

Other Friends of “Joe”

  • Kevin Terris, discoverer of the fossil
  • Michael Stokes, skillful excavator and preparator
  • Don Lofgren, Director of the Alf Museum
  • Taylor Stockdale, Head of The Webb Schools
  • Numerous students, faculty, and volunteers from the Alf Museum and The Webb Schools
  • Johnson Lightfoote and staff at Pomona Valley Hospital Medical Center for CT scanning
  • Derek Chok, Annisa Herrero, Brandon Scolieri, and Sarah Werning, for their role in the scientific research
  • Scott Hartman, Tyler Keillor, and Ville Sinkonnen, artists
  • Ashley Fragomeni and Peter Kloess provided curatorial assistance
  • Kathy Sanders, outreach director at Alf Museum
  • Michelle Wallace, for web design, and Tim Coates for general IT support (both from RCS)

United States Bureau of Land Management

The fossil of “Joe” the baby Parasaurolophus was collected under permit from the United States Bureau of Land Management (Utah), within Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument. We thank our partners at BLM for their assistance in permitting, fieldwork, and logistics.